Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Welcome to City Tech's academic advising web pages. These advising pages are designed to help you take charge of your college planning and to gain a better understanding what to expect each year of college attendance. There is a lot of information here! The following sequence is recommended:

Step 1

Go to the Path to Graduation and expand the Path that corresponds to your status as a first, second, third, or fourth year student.

  • First Year Student: 0–30 successfully completed credits
  • Second Year Student: 30–60 successfully completed credits
  • Third Year Student: 60–90 successfully completed credits
  • Fourth Year Student: 90–120 successfully completed credits

Each Path to Graduation is organized chronologically and includes reminders and links to information on course requirements, financial aid information, social opportunities, and important dates to keep in mind, such as registration for upcoming classes.

Step 2

After you have considered your Path, look at the Degree Checklist in the College Catalog that corresponds with your major. This checklist lays out courses required to graduate in your major and suggested maps that show how you might complete your degree in two or four years if you attend college full-time.

Step 3

After considering the courses you still have left to complete, go to the My Academic Career Planner page and use your Degree Checklist and Degreeworks to plan courses for the semesters or years ahead of you. This document can be filled out online or downloaded as a pdf and will be useful to take to your Academic Advisement appointment.

Before you meet with your Advisor, also look at the Six Steps to Prepare for Academic Advisement with a Faculty Advisor. Show up at your appointment prepared!

Step 4

After you familiarize yourself with the advising process, there are more resources related to advisement found on the General Education page, which offers links to sites that describe requirements for City Tech's Common Core courses all students must take in addition to information about CUNY Pathways. The Resources page on this site includes links to many pertinent offerings including financial aid, registration information, student support and library services.